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Woodland Path

Like you, we’re inspired by the natural gifts that make McCall, Idaho such an incredible place. From the mountain views to the herds of elk, moose, fox, deer, bald eagles, osprey, wildflowers and other species that make their home here. We feel that, with these gifts, comes a responsibility to preserve and enhance them for future generations. So from the start, we’ve made environmental stewardship a cornerstone of our development approach.

An environmentally sensitive land plan.

The land plan for Blackhawk on the River limits the number of homesites, then situates them to protect view and wildlife corridors.
The result is a community that offers you welcome privacy, as well as large, unspoiled expanses to explore right outside your door.
Specific conservation features of Blackhawk include:

  • Future conservation easements through the Payette Land Trust

  • Over 500 acres of protected open space

  • An amazing 364-acre Wildlife Preserve

  • A ban on motorized vehicles on our extensive trail system

  • Enhanced fish habitat in the side channels of the Payette (13 miles of them) that meander through the property

  • Special anti-light-pollution street lamps that preserve stargazing and don’t confuse migratory birds

  • State-of-the-art sewage treatment facility, rather than septic fields, to protect the river from pollution

In addition, the Payette River and its adjacent wetlands will be protected throughout all stages of construction. We are also creating deep, oxygen-fed lakes for the benefit of birds, fish, and amphibians. We will restore native grasslands and shrub cover. Lastly, our building and design guidelines place a strong emphasis on native landscaping that will feed and provide cover for the first inhabitants of this land.

Beyond the boundaries of Blackhawk, we support conservation by supporting other like-minded organizations working in Valley County, including the Payette Land Trust, the Trust for Public Land and the Payette Basin Foundation.

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