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The Payette River system was named after Francois Payette a French-Canadian trapper whose exploits with the local Blackfoot Indians are infamous. Today, the Payette River is known for its world-class whitewater, plentiful fishing holes, and all-around beauty.

Five miles of pristine Payette River frontage.

If you love to flyfish, canoe or just read a book by crystal-clear flowing water, you can’t imagine a more tranquil setting than this classic freestone river. At Blackhawk on the River, we have over 5 miles of river frontage for you to enjoy. Step out your front door to cast a line, take a leisurely stroll along the River Trail or jump into one of our homeowner canoes or kayaks on hand at the Fishing Grotto. And keep a sharp eye out for the vibrant wildlife community that makes its home along the river!

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