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One of the favorite pastimes of McCall residents is to soak in the area’s many natural hot springs. From unnamed rock pools along local rivers to resort-like facilities, there are dozens of hot spots near Blackhawk on the River to refresh your mind and soothe your body.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Located just a few miles southwest of nearby Donnelly, Gold Fork Hot Springs offers beautifully landscaped pools with heated walkways and wood decks. The geothermal water enters an upper cistern at 120 degrees F and is channeled to a series of lower pools, each with different temperatures, some with waterfalls, and all with superb views. There is also a shallow wading pool with a white sand beach for kids.

Zims Hot Springs

Located 15 miles north of McCall on Highway 55, Zims has a warm, Olympic-size swimming pool and a smaller soaking pool consistently maintained at 105 degrees. There is also a lodge, recreation hall and changing booths.

Burgdorf Hot Springs

Located 36 miles north of McCall on the Warren Wagon Road, Burgdorf is the area’s oldest resort hot springs. In 1865, a German immigrant named Fred Burgdorf bought the springs and developed a 20-room hotel and cabins modeled on German spas. He ran it for nearly 60 years. Now, its a wonderful soaking spot with some great historical buildings. It is accessible by car in the summer, and by snowmobile in the winter.

Dip Your Toes In the Water

Contact us today to set up a private tour of Blackhawk on the River and experience the soothing, natural hot springs and beautiful real estate that Blackhawk and the McCall, Idaho area have to offer.

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