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Ashley Kirsch


Ashley moved to Idaho from New Hampshire  in 2011 to attend Boise State University. She graduated in 2015 with a degree in Political Science. During the summer before her senior year she moved back east for an internship at a law firm outside of Boston. Within this time she decided two things. First she couldn't wait to get back to Idaho and she was never moving. And second pursuing a career in law just wasn't for her. Both of her parents have always been in real estate, her dad a builder, and her mom was an agent while she was growing up, so she decided to jump head first into the family business and go to real estate school. 


After years in the business Ashley couldn't imagine having any other career. She started her career in the Treasure Valley, where she was part of an amazing team that taught her everything she needed to know to succeed. After a few years in Ada County Ashley decided to make the move up to the resort town of McCall, which funny enough is very similar to the town she grew up in back east, except better, because it is in Idaho. Ashley has brought her knowledge of new construction, acreage, and lakefront homes to McCall, and is loving getting to work where everyone else plays! And she plays too of course... Ashley lives in McCall with her husband Drew, daughters Zoe & Lainey, and their two golden retrievers, Breck and Bristol. 

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